The gift to know – the gift to live a better life!

Education is a human right but unfortunately, it is not available to all the kids of our planet. William and Megan Tucker, two true Positive Change Leaders, with Charity United are bringing the deserved gift of education to kids in areas where it is not a given.

It is neither common nor easy, for most people, to leave their home, families, established life, hobbies etc., and travel to places distant, rough and unfamiliar to create a positive change. It takes courage and strong purpose to leave your comfort zone and devote your life to helping others and create a positive change in society. Such special people are the founders of Charity United, William and Megan Tucker. A while back they left everything and devoted their time and energy in helping people in need. And since there is no better help anyone can give than the knowledge to be able to handle their lives and improve their condition, William and Megan chose as their latest project to bring education to kids that live in slums in India and don’t have access to quality education.

“Teaching in slums” William says, “has been one of the most educational experiences in my life.”

“Teaching in slums” William says, “has been one of the most educational experiences in my life. Take a look at these kids and ask yourself ‘is it alright with you that they do not have access to proper education? Are they not part of our HUMANITY? If not us, who is going to help them? Someone else? Are you sure?

The truth is, there are millions of kids that should be being helped that are not being helped….

“What I found was that the slums are full of bright young kids who learn really fast. I also found out that the materials used to educate them are confusing to say the least, so I started developing my own education program for them and teaching them to read.”

William with Megan have embarked on a mission to bring the most precious commodity and most lasting help one can offer, to kids that, otherwise, would never get this chance.

They went as far as creating new education materials, designed in such a way that the child can easily understand the concepts being relayed. They achieve this by illustrating every concept. This unique approach allows the child to visually understand while learning to read at the same time.

If you want to contact William and Megan or just contribute to their cause, you can find data in

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