Positive Change

It is easy to create a positive change. It is in our nature (at least for the vast majority of the population), to strive for improvement and betterment.

Most of us detest sadness, pain, scarcity, misery, injustice, unfairness and oppression. And most of us share an innate urge to fight anything that results in these ills of humanity.

The vast majority of the people of earth, like helping and tend to do things that create a positive change: for ourself, our family, our neighborhood, the teams we are part of, the society, the nature, etc.

Some times it may seem that a small positive change is like a drop in the ocean. But if we keep creating positive changes, the drops will become a brook, the brooks will become creeks, the creeks will become rivers and the rivers, (as Kahlil Gibran aptly put it), don’t disappear in the ocean – they become the ocean!

Keep creating positive changes! And if you like to inspire others, send us your positive change stories at contact@positivechangeforum.com so this can be added here.

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