A Real Coach for Life

We don’t always realise that no matter if you are a parent, an educator, a manager, a business owner, a friend, or just a member of the society, you act a bit like a coach. Your words and actions, always leave a fingerprint and an impact on others. This impact can be positive or negative, depending on how good “coach” you are.

Recently, my sister, who in her youth was doing gymnastics, earning a gold, a silver and a branch medal in the local championship, show me a book written by the American gymnastics coach legend Valorie Kondos Field or Mis Val as she is called. Mis Val was named as the Coach of the Century!

The book is called “Life is Short, Don’t Wait to Dance“. I bought the audio book and listened to it twice within a couple days. This is what I call a Real Coach. I believe that the lessons Ms Val took from her athletes and her experiences as a coach that she shares in this book, can help anyone to reconsider a few things and to act as a better coach for others.

In addition to her book, you can find here a TED talk she gave:

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