There is no war of nations. There is war manufactured by some very few corrupted individuals.

A Greek kid keeps hearing from a very young age how the Turks are enemies of Greece. I guess the Turkish kids learn that Greeks are enemies of Turkey. So far, all the Turck people I met were very nice people.

I am not doing a political analysis here. But it seems to me that the animosity is created by a very small percentage of poisonous and corrupted individuals that unfortunately exist in both countries and generate this atmosphere.

Furthermore, when I see the history of these countries, it seems that they are a classic example of what L. Ron Hubbard explains here: The Third Party Law.

We need to learn to distinguish who is a friend and who is the enemy. Otherwise, we hate friends and befriend enemies. If you want to find out how to do this you can get a taste in this video: THE CAUSE OF SUPPRESSION.

And if you want to learn how to distinguish who is who, who you can trust and who not, I believe that you will find this on-line course super useful: THE CAUSE OF SUPPRESSION.

Yes, on the day we will trust each other there will be peace on earth. And unfortunately, people lose their trust because of the very small percentage of corrupted and suppressive individuals that exist in EVERY country. They do not have a nation, religion, political party, or anything else.

We better learn to distinguish these very few, the very-very small percentage of those corrupted and truly oppressive individuals that should not be trusted so we can restore trust amongst all the rest of us and among nations. Because there is no war of nations. There is war manufactured by corrupted individuals.  The rest of us have no reason to fight. We naturally love each other, no matter colors, 

I happened to see recently a very touching video. This video inspired me to write this short article. I think it is worth seeing:


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