Let’s make 2022 great!

Happy New Year!

We have just turned the year’s page! A challenging year it was 2021. And as we turn the page and gaze upon the new year, 2022, one could reasonably think to oneself that this year may be even more challenging! It may well be! Well, my friends! 2021 was as we made it. Each one of us and all as a society. And 2022 will be what we will make it! There is a saying in Greece: The bed you will sleep on will be as good and as comfortable as you made it. There are two ways to face the future: The one is with worry, fear, pessimism, complaints and natter. And the second one, is to face the future as a game! “Life is a game” and games go together with barriers and challenges. If there is no challenge, there is no game! In other words, face the future as a game and decide that you will play this game! without fear, without complaints and excuses but instead with effective action, confidence, and optimism. It is true, that there are some very corrupted individuals around the world, in every country, in every race, in every religion, in every neighborhood or group, that have as their game to destruct and destroy. And the tool they use is fear. They only achieve their ends when they manage to bring about fear and dismay on their victims. Only then, people get overwhelmed and give up because they think that “nothing can be done about it”. Unfortunately, there are many people who are not aware of this and fall into this trap. They get overwhelmed by the “well marketed” fearmongering and as a result they lose their confidence and view the future with fear or even dismay. This way they stop being alert enough to observe and act effectively to avert these individuals from destroying our society and culture. There are also people who say, “all I am interested in is to be well myself and to ensure that my family is well”. And then, when they see the society being destroyed, and this destruction affecting their life and their family’s life, they wonder “how is it possible?” or “why things are as they are – unfair?”. In other words, they don’t make their bed (as far as the society is concerned) and then arrive home at the end of the day and complain why their bed is unmade so they can rest. The price of freedom (as my mentor L. Ron Hubbard said) is constant alertness and constant willingness to fight back. When things are not going well, this is because we, (many individuals collectively), were not alert enough and did not take enough responsibility and effective action to make sure that things go well. So, as we enter this new year, I would like to encourage all of you my friends, and to wish you, to face this new year, without fear, dismay or complaints but with confidence and optimism, despite the challenges and barriers. I wish you all to make 2022, as you want it to be, filled with the joy of creating, expansion and happiness in all aspects of your life!

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